Williamson County Schools continues its trend of showing improvement with high academic achievement according to the Tennessee Department of Education’s 2014 State Report Card. The yearly report provides a profile of each school district throughout the state, using performance on various standardized assessments and collected statistics to award grades.

Below are some of the district highlights from the 2015 Report Card, linked HERE (under Profile, select Williamson County in the District Name drop down box):

  • All A’s in 3-8 Achievement, with same or increased scores in all areas
  • One A, B, and C in 4-8 Value-Added Growth, which meets or exceeds the standard in all areas
  • ACT Composite of 23.8, with 45% of students achieving all four College Readiness Benchmarks
  • Graduation Rate of 95.5%, an increase of 1.1% from the previous year.

ACT Results

Students of Williamson County Schools continue to outperform their peers on the ACT test. The district’s graduating class of 2015 posted an ACT composite score of 23.8, up 0.3 points from 2014 and a step closer to achieving the School Board goal of 24. Williamson County Schools also outscored the state average of 19.8 (19.4 for public schools) and the national average of 21.0.

Forty-five percent of the 2015 graduating class scored at or above all four of the college readiness benchmarks established by ACT. By comparison, the state and national graduating classes scored 20% (17% for public schools) and 28%, respectively.

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TCAP Results

Williamson County Schools is once again one of the highest achieving districts in the state based on the 2015 TCAP results. According to the TCAP data posted on the Tennessee Department of Education’s WEBSITE, the district consistently ranks at or near the top in all areas for grades 3-8 as well as the high school EOCs.

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No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requires schools and districts to meet annual yearly progress by comparing gains in specific measures called Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs). Tennessee has established its own accountability system through a NCLB waiver that focuses on increasing achievement levels for all students and reducing achievement gaps that exist between certain groups of students. The achievement and gap targets under the new system are the new AMOs.

More information about the accountability system can be found on the Tennessee Department of Education’s WEBSITE.

Tennessee’s accountability system also recognizes “reward” schools as the top 5% in performance (achievement) and progress (growth). For 2015, Williamson County Schools had 21 schools identified as a reward school for either performance or performance and progress.

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