Vision Statement

Williamson County Schools will become a district recognized nationally for students who excel in academics, the arts, and athletics.

Adopted by the Board November 15, 2010

The Five Vision Statements Developed by the Board

Student Programs

Williamson County Schools will offer high-quality, equitable student programming and facilities to produce graduates prepared to further study and compete in a global society by being fluent in English and at least one foreign language and literate in the use of technology, in an environment that allows students the opportunity to maximize their development in academics, the arts and athletics.

Teacher Quality

Williamson County Schools will establish an organizational work environment which will attract, develop and retain a diverse group of high quality teachers and where students’ performances and the teachers’ abilities to build strong student/teacher relationships are the basis for defining/determining teacher success.


Williamson County Schools will prepare all students and teachers to maximize learning by fully integrating relevant technology into academic content to acquire, share and evaluate information, achieve media and technology literacy, and maintain a safe and ethical environment.

Growth Planning and Zoning

Williamson County Schools will be proactive in pursuing partnerships with developers and governmental agencies to plan for growth and to site and build schools in a manner that maintains planning zone integrity, minimizes school transfers, and assures unbiased school zones and learning opportunities for all students.


Williamson County Schools will exhibit transparency and accountability in the use of resources. In addition, we will pursue public and private funding sources to provide teachers and students with facilities, tools and resources necessary to become a district recognized nationally for excellence in academics, the arts and athletics.