Family Access

1. Where do I go to login?

2. My old login and password do not work. Every guardian that turned in a Family Access Agreement to the school beginning last spring will receive a new login and password.

3. How do I get an account? Contact the school to learn more about obtaining an account. The school contact name is one the WCS website at . Choose WCS Family Access School Contacts. This site can also be reached from the website by clicking the Parent button at the top and scrolling the menu to WCS Family Access.

4. Will my login and password allow me to see information for all of my children? Yes

5. Can you help me learn more about Family Access? Help documents for guardians have been posted to the website at 

a. Family Access Minimum Requirements – outlines the minimum requirements for the home computer for the user logging in.

b. Family Access Accounts and Password Resets – outlines the documents necessary to get an account and how to reset the password if the guardian forgets it

c. Family Access Quick Start Browser Based Version – briefly walks users through logging in and navigating the site

d. Family Access Communication – briefly shows communication tools the guardian can use to communicate with teachers and their children

6. Is there a mobile app? Yes, it will be coming this fall.