The registration process for the new school year begins in January. Nolensville High School sets its number of sections and builds its master schedule based on student requests for courses.  The registration in the spring determines the courses offered the following fall.  Once the master schedule has been determined, students will be obligated to take these courses.  In other words, students will not be allowed to change their minds in the fall.  Students should plan their schedules in a thoughtful, careful manner to match their abilities and their educational needs.

Rising Junior Registration Information

Rising Sophomore Registration Information

Registration for 9th Grade

For rising 9th Graders – be sure to Mark Your Calendars!

NHS Override Form

NHS Transcript Request Form

WCS Request to Enroll in Online Course

During the Spring semester, an orientation session for the parents of rising 9th grade students’ is held to provide parents an overview of the graduation requirements and the curriculum offerings.  Then, the NHS counselors meet at the middle school with 8th grade students and their parents to register for next year’s classes and to develop their Four Year Plan.
Counselors meet with students by grade level and hand out relevant materials and review courses and the new course offerings.  Students discuss these classes with their teachers and parents.

Students register by entering class requests on the computer.  Teachers recommend students for classes.

As necessary, Counselors meet individually with students to confirm biographical information and to review course requests for next year.  Four-year plans are revised if necessary.

In early August, all students receive their schedules.  At this time, only VALID schedule changes may be made. Valid changes include updating course selections based on summer school credits or correcting a scheduling error made by the school.  INVALID changes include changing courses in the same level for the sake of getting a different teacher, changing courses for a more favorable schedule, or changing courses to have classes with one’s friends.

Valid schedule corrections  to update course selections based on summer school credits or to correct a scheduling error made by the school take place the first 10 school days of each semester.  The beginning of the semester is not the time to revise schedules as a result of a student’s change of mind.  The master schedule has already been formed.
Students who requested and who were recommended for Honors and Advanced Placement courses in the spring will be obligated to take these courses in the fall. Students cannot drop a level because they changed their minds over the summer or did not do the summer reading or desire a different teacher.

Full-year courses may not be dropped at the end of the first semester, even if only an elective.  Exceptions to this policy can be made only by appealing to the Principal.  The usual consideration is whether the student has been academically misplaced.  If the exception is granted, the student will be required to take an equally challenging semester course.

If a parent wishes to override a recommendation made by the school pertaining to the student’s schedule, the student must remain in the class for the semester.  An override form can be obtained from the Counseling Center.

Override Form 2017-18

A student who is experiencing problems in a class will not be removed from the class outside the policies stated above. When problems develop, the following procedures should be followed:

  • The student should consult the teacher for ways to improve.
  • If the problem still exists, the parent should talk to the teacher.  Conversation can occur over the phone or through email, but the best communication is still person to person.
  • If the problem continues to exist, the parent can request a school meeting that includes the teacher, the student, the parent(s), the appropriate school counselor, and the grade-level assistant principal.  This team will form a plan of action.