2016-2017 Start/End Times

All Williamson County middle and high schools along with Crockett, Heritage, Kenrose, Lipscomb, Mill Creek, Nolensville & Oak View Elementary Schools will observe Late Start days on most Mondays throughout the 2016-17 school year. Parents should be sure to check the start and dismissal times for their child’s school below. Parents should also check their child’s BUS ROUTE to confirm the time and location for each bus stop.  Buses are on regular schedule on Late Start days.

SchoolStart TimeDismissal TimeHalf Day* Dismissal
Allendale Elementary8:353:3512:10
Bethesda Elementary8:353:3512:10
Brentwood High7:202:2710:55
Brentwood Middle7:302:3711:05
Centennial High7:302:3711:05
Chapman’s Retreat Elementary8:353:3512:10
Clovercroft Elementary8:353:3512:10
College Grove Elementary8:353:3512:10
Crockett Elementary8:303:3712:12
Edmondson Elementary8:353:3512:10
Fairview Elementary8:353:3512:10
Fairview High7:302:3711:05
Fairview Middle7:202:2710:55
Franklin High7:252:3211:00
Grassland Elementary8:353:3512:10
Grassland Middle7:252:3211:00
Heritage Elementary8:303:3712:12
Heritage Middle7:252:3211:00
Hunters Bend Elementary8:353:3512:10
Independence High7:252:3211:00
Kenrose Elementary8:303:3712:12
Lipscomb Elementary8:303:3712:12
Longview Elementary8:353:3512:10
Mill Creek Elementary8:303:3712:12
Mill Creek Middle7:352:4211:10
Nolensville Elementary8:303:3712:12
Nolensville High7:302:3711:05
Oak View Elementary8:303:3712:12
Page High7:302:3711:05
Page Middle7:202:2710:55
Pearre Creek Elementary8:353:3512:10
Ravenwood High7:202:2710:55
Renaissance High8:153:2511:50
Scales Elementary8:353:3512:10
Spring Station Middle7:202:2710:55
Summit High7:302:3711:05
Sunset Elementary8:353:3512:10
Sunset Middle **7:302:3711:05
Trinity Elementary8:353:3512:10
Walnut Grove Elementary8:353:3512:10
Westwood Elementary8:353:3512:10
Winstead Elementary8:353:3512:10
Woodland Middle7:302:3711:05

Half Day Dismissals: Aug 5, Dec 21, May 23

Kindergarten Students First Full Day:  Aug 15

Power Monday Start Times – Parents Notified by Individual Schools