2015 – 2016

 Last Day of the Progress Reporting Period
(Post to Family Access Date)
Last Day of the 9-week Grading PeriodReport Cards Available Family Access*
1st Grading Period9/4/2015
(9/9/15 Wednesday)
10/7/15 Wednesday10/14/15 Wednesday
2nd Grading Period11/10/2015
(11/13/15 Friday)
12/18/15 Friday1/15/16 Friday
3rd Grading Period2/8/2016
(2/10/16 Wednesday)
3/11/16 Friday3/16/16 Wednesday
4th Grading Period4/20/2016
(4/22/16 Friday)
5/20/16 Friday5/20/16 Friday, or three work days following receipt of state assessment results


*Printed copies of report cards are available only upon parental request. Requests for printed copies must be provided to the school’s Principal. There may be up to a 3 day delay from the Family Access posting of report cards to the printed cards’ availability at the school.