Meet the director


Caitlin VanKeuren moved from New York in 2007 to attend Trevecca Nazarene University. She studied violin under Tami Sturges and Elizabeth Small while at Trevecca. Caitlin has worked with the professional Chamber Ensemble Weekend in Chamber Music. This ensemble is based in NYC and tours throughout the northeast performing an assortment of concerts; this program also brings professionals into schools to coach students. Ms. VanKeuren will be starting an Enrichment Chamber program this August. Last year,  Ms. VanKeuren studied fiddle under Jim Wood and worked for the Huntsville Symphony String Education Program. In the Huntsville Symphony String Program, students are introduced to violin in third grade. Ms. VanKeuren has been playing professional violin for over six years and enjoys teaching private lessons and currently has several private violin students. Ms. VanKeuren is excited about continuing her teaching here in Williamson County and currently plays with the Trevecca Symphony Orchestra.

Program Information

Sixth Grade strings is for sixth grade students who are interested in playing violin, viola, cello and bass. We love having new string players every year and welcome this year’s newbies. This year our sixth grade class is co-taught by Ms. VanKeuren and Ms. Francis. Students are introduced to a string instrument and begin playing at a Level 1. There will be two string concerts this year for sixth grade. Both string concerts will be located in the Sunset Gym and everyone is welcome to attend.
6th Grade Strings Syllabus – Francis
Seventh Grade strings is a course for seventh graders who are interested in playing violin, viola, cello or bass. Students are asked to start playing at a Level 2 and start solidifying technique during the school year. Proper posture and holding of the instrument are executed during this class. This class is open to all seventh graders, not just string players that began in sixth grade. There will be two string concerts for seventh grade and they will be in the Sunset Gym. These concerts are open to the public.
7th-8th Grade Strings-Orchestra Syllabus
Eighth Grade Strings is a course for eighth graders who are interested in playing violin, viola, cello, or bass. Students are asked to play music at a Level 3 and are going to be playing a variety of music. Due to the fact that some string players will have been playing for the two years prior, we see a lot of growth during eighth grade. Eighth Grade Strings will also have two concerts this year and both are located in the Sunset Gym. These concerts are open to the public.
7th-8th Grade Strings-Orchestra Syllabus
Chamber Enrichment is an enrichment course for any students who would like to play an instrument with other students. Chamber is a new class taught this year by Ms. VanKeuren. The Chamber Enrichment Class will consist of sixth, seventh and eighth graders working together on different genres of music. Chamber will be performing at our 10th Sunset Anniversary this year. Chamber will also have three other performances throughout the year. Students from surrounding High Schools have agreed to come and coach students in chamber sessions for intensive practices and fun musical collaborations. All instruments and playing levels are welcome.

Chamber Ensemble Performance Dates:
Tuesday Dec 13th- Winter Strings Concert- they will go after all the other ensembles as a finale
Sat March 4th – Fine Arts Festival
Thursday April 13th – Spring Strings Concert, 7:00pm

Chamber Syllabus

Midstate Strings Audition Excerpts

Concert Information

Winter Concert – Tuesday, December 13

Spring concert – Thursday, April 13, 7:00pm in the Rotunda