Counseling Services at Sunset Middle School: Think of ACES


Partners with teachers to ensure growth in all students.  Helps to develop schedules that match academic performance and prepares students for high school readiness.  Serves as the BTC (Building Test Coordinator) for all standardized testing.  Is the school contact for DUKE TIP program for accelerated students. Coordinators of all Section 504 Plans.

C is for CAREER

Helps to match student’s interests and skills with real world vocations.  Leads all 7 & 8th graders through on-line career assessments that continue to shape post-education interests.  Assists students with ACHIEVE 3000 to explore the job markets and helps coordinate the county-wide “Career Fair” held for all 8th graders at the Expo Center.

E is for EMOTION

Offers solo counseling sessions for students struggling with difficulties such as family turmoil, suicide ideation, grief, and fret. Works to strengthen self-worth in young hearts and offers unconditional positive regard.  Creates a climate of emotional safety in a confidential setting. Partners with other resources and parents when necessary.

S is for SOCIAL

Provides occasional classroom sessions that build social graces and respect for diverse community.  Implements character ed programs on campus.  Plans transition events that help rising 6th graders enter middle school and 8th graders make the shift to high school.  Conducts a variety of group counseling sessions along with STARS Counselor.  A liaison for social services.

About your counselor
Mark Phillips has been working as a School Counselor in Williamson County for over 15 years.  He is married with three grown kids and two granddaughters–don’t start him taking about them!  He was born in Texas but raised in Australia where he spent 10 years of his life.  He was educated at Oklahoma Christian University (BS), Texas A&M University (MA), and Tennessee State (MA).  Mr. Mark loves all water sports and enjoys cooking now that he and Amy are “empty nesters”.

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Mark Phillips