The mission for the English As a Second Language Program at Sunset Middle School is to bridge the educational gap from the student’s first language to English language proficiency. In addition to teaching, we strive to teach our American culture without ignoring or being disrespectful of the student’s own culture.
ESL syllabus
Sunset Middle School offers gifted education services to our intellectually gifted students. This service enables these students to meet their fullest potential. Our gifted consultant works with the general education teachers by helping to create more challenging lessons for the intellectually gifted students in their classes. The gifted consultant also provides other activities for students who are intellectually gifted.
Wendy Hiatt
Occupational Therapist

Occupational and physical therapists are also available when needed at Sunset Middle School. This service aids students who demonstrate difficulties assessing or participating in learning opportunities within the educational environment.

Michelle Peeler
Our school psychologist provides a variety of services at our school. She administers and interprets psychological and educational evaluations; develops school-based intervention programs; counsels students, parents, and teachers on educational and mental health issues; acts as a liaison between the school and community agencies; evaluates program effectiveness; provides crisis intervention; and participates in screening programs which identify students with special needs.
Allison Drost
Speech Language Pathologist

When needed, Sunset Middle School provides speech and language pathologists for students who demonstrate difficulties with speech and language. The range of services varies according to the student’s needs.

The Resource Program provides special services for special education students who need additional support. The services offered to students may be provided in the general education classes, in inclusion classes, in resource classes, or through consultation with the general education teacher. All of these features allow students to experience success in general education classes.

Sheri Baylor
Kelley Bell
Sandy Stokes