Nolensville Elementary's Parent Teacher Organization

  • Nolensville Elementary School PTO is a nonprofit parent/teacher organization whose membership includes all parents, legal guardians, and staff of Nolensville Elementary School. The PTO’s mission is to promote partnerships, open communication, and understanding between parents and the staff of Nolensville Elementary School. Our efforts serve to enhance the education of every child.

    The PTO provides assistance to teachers in classroom settings, specials, as well as other support staff by holding fundraisers for supplemental educational materials and experiences. We also encourage and support school and family social interaction, as well as provide a non-biased forum for sharing information on issues that impact our children. It is our belief that the team effort of a PTO offers the best possible learning environment for our children. We envision an encouraging, healthy, and caring educational environment for all students of Nolensville Elementary.


pto woman talking to girl
Paper hands that says Come Together
grandma and two students eating breakfast