The Goals of WCS

  • Find out how the Williamson County Schools (WCS) District plans to invest its time, expertise, and financial resources to be successful at reaching its long-term goals. See the district’s progress toward meeting its goals by visiting WCS By the Numbers

Investing in Team Quality and Excellence

  • WCS will invest time, expertise, and financial resources in strategies to attract and retain high-quality employees in all roles. Through mentoring, professional development, and careful attention to morale, WCS will empower employees to provide outstanding service to students and their families.


    1. To attract and retain high-performing employees.
    2. To expand mentoring programs for all new district and veteran employees needing assistance.
    3. To improve and maintain competitive compensation for all employees.
    4. To expand high-quality professional development for all employees.
    5. To evaluate and implement the most effective staffing standards for all employee roles.
    6. To develop a succession plan for senior staff.

Improving Student-Centered Operational Support Systems

  • Williamson County Schools will explore and implement innovations to district practices and systems in order to plan proactively, operate economically, maximize equity, and continue to provide excellent learning experiences for students.


    1. To maintain and upgrade all district facilities to meet the most current standards.
    2. To identify and secure revenue sources that support the WCS strategic plan, including both traditional funding streams and nontraditional resources.
    3. To develop a strategy for engaging stakeholders in planning for school funding.
    4. To identify and acquire property for school district growth in advance of need.
    5. To increase the use of open-source curriculum when appropriate for instructional needs.
    6. To explore the flexible use of existing and future campuses to meet capacity and student programming needs.
    7. To identify opportunities to reduce expenses while maintaining or improving services for students.
    8. To utilize technology to improve communications among all district stakeholders.
    9. To expand student and staff use of current technology-based learning strategies, including online and blended student courses and staff professional development.
    10. To create and implement a sustainable transportation model.
    11. To maintain pupil-teacher ratios at the most effective levels practically possible.

Preparing Students for the Future

  • Williamson County Schools will provide students with support and learning experiences that will equip them for post-secondary success.


    1. To expand support services for students, including social, emotional, physical, and mental health needs.
    2. To achieve a target of 90% of graduating students earning an ACT composite of 21 or higher.
    3.  To continue to improve the average ACT composite score.
    4.  To increase the number of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) offerings for students.
    5.  To integrate STEM skills, including computational thinking, into courses across the curriculum.
    6.  To integrate interpersonal skills, including problem-solving, teamwork, communications, and related other skills into courses across the curriculum and through other activities.
    7.  To expand College, Career and Technical Education (CCTE) programs based upon workforce and higher education requirements.
    8.  To expand connections with local businesses in order to provide internships and industry-embedded learning experiences for students.
    9.  To incorporate explicit instruction on positive communication norms into academic courses.
    10.  To increase post-secondary scholarship offerings and opportunities for students.

  • Our Vision

    WCS will provide a supportive environment where students are challenged to pursue excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts.

    Our Mission

    We exist to provide all students with a quality education that supports their intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development.

    Our Strategic Commitments 

    We will invest in team quality and excellence.
    We will improve student centered operational support systems.
    We will prepare students for the future.