• Keeping the District Running

    The Williamson County Schools (WCS) Maintenance Department is a service-minded group of men and women focused on providing the students, faculty and staff of the district with the best learning environment possible.  The department’s job is to assure that the facilities where learning, teaching, working and playing take place are well-maintained, clean, comfortable and safe.

  • Emergencies Outside of School Hours

    For emergencies happening outside of school hours, call the emergency cell phone at 615-815-8368. If a supervisor or technician does not answer, leave a message with the emergency and contact information.

    Emergencies may include:

    • Complete heating failure that may result in damage to plumbing
    • Total Power outage
    • Vandalism
    • Break-in
    • Weather-related disaster causing damage to the building
    • Fire
    • Sudden roof damage
    • Fire sprinkler leak causing flooding
    • Water infiltration to the building causing damage
    • Inability to secure the building
    • Major plumbing issues resulting in flooding
    • Structural building damage that has suddenly occurred
  • What Makes Up the Department

    The Maintenance Department consists of five shops: Carpentry, General Maintenance, Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical.

    The Contracted Services Department oversees: Custodial, Mowing, Pest Control, Fire Extinguishers, and Gym Floor Refinishing and Sanding.

    Energy Management

    In July 2017, WCS and Trane began implementation of a broad range of energy-saving infrastructure improvements with a goal of comfortable and energy-efficient learning environment for everyone in the district. The energy saving resulting from these upgrades are financially guaranteed by Trane over a contract term of 15 years.

    The buildings are conditioned to satisfy normal comfort requirements of occupants which should be established with due consideration for energy conservation. The following operational parameters were collaboratively agreed upon by WCS and Trane set for occupied and unoccupied times: 68 degrees (occupied) to 60 degrees (unoccupied) in heating mode and 74 degrees (occupied) to 80 degrees (unoccupied) in cooling mode.

    Indoor Air Quality

    The Maintenance Department holds the health and well-being of WCS students and teachers in the highest regard. The department maintains and monitors the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in the district assuring Indoor Air Quality is held at the highest standard.