Facilities & Construction

  • The Facilities Department not only manages the buildings in the district during the school day, but also manages after-school activities. Each school in the district has ongoing after-school events as well as requests from outside nonprofit organizations that are funneled through the Facilities Department. That’s about 45,000 events per year.

    In order to keep that process streamlined, there are two request forms. One is for staff, which includes sports, clubs or departments. The other form is for outside community use.

Getting Schools Involved in the Community

  • Community organizations requesting use must be a nonprofit entity whose principal place of business is within Williamson County. This is confirmed by accessing the Tennessee State Database. All organizations must provide a certificate of insurance that reflects Williamson County Board of Education as both additional insured and certificate holder.

    All vendors selling goods or services who are participating in school events must provide the same insurance.

    Once both the form and insurance are produced, it goes to the principal for availability approval at least two weeks prior but no more than 45 days before. The form should be filled out in its entirety, or there be a delay in the process. New schools have a one-year warranty period where use cannot be granted.