A Message from Mrs. Dukes

  • Welcome to Thompson’s Station Elementary School! 

    My name is Tiffany Dukes, and I am honored to be the principal of Thompson’s Station Elementary School! I have served as a principal for nine years in two other school districts, but I am excited to now have the opportunity to serve in the district that I live.  

    I quickly learned that we have a fantastic school community that values and supports our school in a big way. Our school focuses on building relationships with families and supporting students’ academic growth. The teachers in our school have a clear balanced approach as they genuinely care about both student wellbeing and student academic success. Teachers work collaboratively to ensure that every aspect of each student’s needs are met. It is my goal to continue forward with all the great things that are happening in our school and simply build upon the strong foundation that is already here.  

    I look forward to the continued partnership! 


    Tiffany Dukes

Tiffany Dukes, Principal