Library and Technology Services

  • The Hunters Bend library has approximately 12,000 fiction and nonfiction books, professional material, online interactive books, and reference materials available to students every day.  We provide resources and recreational reading materials that enable our students to become both information-literate and lifelong readers. The library sees up to six 50-minute classes a day and is available to students from 8:30AM - 3:30PM.

Mission and Strategies

  • Hunters Bend library seeks to create an environment that supports each students’ learning by providing a wide range of resources, teaching information literacy skills, and encouraging lifelong learning.  The library strives to not only foster lifelong users of information, but creators of information by using innovation, collaboration, curiosity, and critical inquiry.

    • Select and organize materials for research projects
    • Provide multi-media resources for students and teachers
    • Maintain and develop the library’s collection to include current, high quality, and varied fiction and nonfiction materials that support the curriculum and represent a diverse population.
    • Instruct students and assist educators in the use of a broad range of multimedia tools to showcase their information
    • Collaborate with teachers to plan and implement lessons, incorporating technology whenever possible
    • Choose a variety of reading materials for pleasure or growth

Media Center Policies

    • Each class has a scheduled time for library activities, to return books, and to check out new books. Individual students may come check out books throughout the day with the teacher's permission. 
    • Kindergarten students may check out one book at a time for one week.
    • First through third grade students may check out two books at a time for two weeks at a time.
    • Fourth and fifth graders may check out three books at a time as long as they do not have any overdue materials.
    • There is no fine for overdue books.
    • If a book is lost or damaged, a notice will be sent with the cost of the book. We accept checks only made out to Hunters Bend Elementary. We buy books with library binding, so replacement books will not be accepted. Once a book is paid for, we are unable to give refunds if found.

Volunteer State Book Award

  • Each year we encourage students in grades three-five to choose books from the Volunteer State Book Award list to read.  Students who read at least three books will eat lunch in the library and vote for their favorite.  Students who read at least 6 books will be invited to a special celebration.  Students who read all 20 books will be awarded a trophy.

Student Dashboard

  • Visit the WCS Classlink to find sources provided to students by Williamson County Schools and Hunters Bend.

Student holding a book