Students Earn Perfect ACT Scores

Student head shots
  • Published January 18, 2023

    Fifteen more WCS high school students are among the small percentage who have earned a perfect composite ACT score. Three of those students scored a true perfect 36, meaning they earned a 36 in all four content areas of the exam.

    Franklin High's Jack Parker and Joshua Murray both earned a true perfect 36 on the October exam. Their classmates, Jason Bowles, Jade Horne and Jonathan Zink earned a 36 composite score. Jason and Jonathan also took their exam in October, while Jade took her exam in June.

    "We are extremely proud of these students for this amazing accomplishment," said FHS Principal Dr. Shane Pantall. "They are not only great students and extremely hard workers, but they are also great contributors within our school community."

    From Nolensville High, William Flanigan scored a true perfect 36 on the October exam.

    "William is a kind, genuine leader with a quick wit," said NHS Principal Amy Maffei. "He is also a hardworking, incredible student with a brain that is always knowledge-seeking and attentive. He is both creative and methodical. We are so proud to have William as a student here at Nolensville High."

    Brentwood High's Nihar Sanku and Zachary Villaruz both earned a 36 composite score on the exam in October.

    "Nihar is not only an outstanding student academically, but he is also a kind and generous individual who is fun to be around," said BHS Principal Kevin Keidel. "He is a school leader as well as a captain on the debate team, as well as being actively involved in other school activities. Zachary is a walking billboard for the mission of Brentwood High which includes pursuing excellence in academics, athletics and the arts. He has a thirst for knowledge and a keen, analytical mind."

    Independence High's Rylee Lent is another WCS student who received a perfect composite score on her exam taken in December.

    Page High's Eugene Smalley, Pharris Livingston and Evan Ingmire also earned a 36 composite score. Eugene earned their score on the October exam, while Pharris and Evan took the December exam.

    "Eugene's intrinsic motivation for learning is demonstrated through their rigorous academic workload throughout their high school career," said PHS Assistant Principal Randy Hatley. "Eugene is an asset to the Page Patriot community because their academic curiosity has been beneficial to all classmates and teachers. Pharris' persistence to continue his academic accomplishments is a product of his dedication to excellence. He has continuously grown academically throughout his high school career. To accomplish a perfect ACT score by the junior year shows how academically driven Evan is and how committed he is to excellence. Evan is an outstanding student, and we are so proud of his newest accomplishment."

    Ravenwood High's Siddharth Singh also scored a perfect composite score on the October exam. His classmates Caleb Park and Margaret MacGurn scored a perfect composite on the December exam.

    "Siddharth is a fantastic student, and it's no surprise he earned a perfect ACT score," said Ravenwood High teachers. "With lots of intelligence and his trademark grace and humility, he is a serious student and an academic titan. Caleb's extreme level of intellect is reflected by this monumental academic accomplishment. What is not measured by his ACT score is his professionalism, compassion, kindness and his innate ability to be a positive contributor to our group in every aspect. Margaret is one of the most determined, detail-oriented and insightful thinkers that I have seen in my career thus far. She is deeply committed to being the best version of herself as a writer, reader and learner at all times."