PHS JROTC Students Sweep Williamson County Air Rifle League

Page High JROTC cadets hold trophies
  • Published January 24, 2023

    Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) students across WCS competed in the annual Williamson County Air Rifle League this school year, and Page High cadets came out on top.

    Page High's Kaylor Jones, Daniel Pontow, Daniel Barham and Anna Hammer swept all five district matches as a team, returning the district champions plaque to Page High. Additionally, the overall top marksman in the district is Daniel Barham. Kaylor Jones took second overall, and Daniel Pontow rounded out the sweep by taking third place overall. Anna Hammer also earned the season's high score during the final match on December 7 by scoring 498 points out of 600.

    "As proud as I am of them for their marksmanship accomplishments this season, I am even prouder of the commitment to academic excellence, fun-loving attitudes, humility and personal growth they have all displayed this year," said retired 1st Sgt. PHS JROTC Army Instructor Charles Bull.

    Throughout the year, the league hosts five matches. During each match, cadets are judged in three firing positions: prone, kneeling and standing. In addition to the team and overall winners, individual honors were given to the top three marksmen in each position.

    The top marksmen in all three positions are listed below:


    1. Kaylor Jones, Page High
    2. Olivia Livaudais, Independence High
    3. Drake Buttrey, Ravenwood High


    1. Drake Buttrey, Ravenwood High
    2. Daniel Barham, Page High
    3. Kaylor Jones, Page High


    1. Daniel Barham, Page High
    2. Kaylor Jones, Page High
    3. Daniel Pontow, Page High