Celebrating School Board Appreciation Week

School Board Members
  • Published January 24, 2023

    It's Tennessee School Board Appreciation Week, and WCS is grateful for the 12 men and women who serve on the Williamson County School Board.

    "Our Board members play such an important role in our district," said WCS Superintendent Jason Golden. "They represent the voices in our county, and they are committed to providing students with the excellent education for which WCS is known. We can't say enough to thank them for their hard work."

    The Williamson County School Board is made up of one member from each of the 12 voting districts in the county. Members are elected to four-year terms on a schedule alternating between even and odd districts. They meet each month with additional policy meetings and work sessions.

    District One Representative Angela Durham serves as the School Board Chair, and District Four Representative Josh Brown serves as Vice Chair.

    • District One: Angela Durham
    • District Two: Dan Cash
    • District Three: Eliot Mitchell
    • District Four: Josh Brown
    • District Five: Jen Aprea
    • District Six: Jay Galbreath
    • District Seven: Sheila Cleveland
    • District Eight: Donna Clements
    • District Nine: Rick Wimberly
    • District 10: Eric Welch
    • District 11: KC Haugh
    • District 12: Drason Beasley

    For more information about the School Board, visit the WCS Board Meetings and Members pages of the WCS website.