WCS Class of 2022 Outperforms State in ACT Exams

Brentwood High graduates
  • Published January 24, 2023

    The Williamson County Schools Class of 2022 has the highest percentage of students scoring a 21 composite or higher on the ACT exam in the State of Tennessee, according to data released by the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE).

    Seventy-five percent of students met the State's overall composite benchmark. WCS students also had the highest math scores, as well as being tied for first in reading. A total of 3,241 ACT exams were taken by WCS students, and the average score in the district was 24.7, while the State's average is 19.1.

    "We are proud of the Class of 2022 and their accomplishments," said WCS Superintendent Jason Golden. "A 21 composite score translates into scholarship dollars and additional opportunities for these students after high school graduation."

    Williamson County Schools is also one of only 29 districts in Tennessee to have a 100 percent ACT exam participation rate for 2021-22 graduating students. The State average is 98 percent.

    One of the goals of the School Board's Strategic Plan is to prepare students for the future and to achieve a target of 90 percent of graduating students who earn an ACT composite of 21 or higher. The district is working to create a new Strategic Plan in the upcoming months and develop additional goals.

    To learn more about the Strategic Plan, and the planning process, visit the WCS website. For more information about State ACT data, visit the TDOE website.