WCS Students Compete at 2023 Art Throwdown

  • Published January 24, 2023

    Centennial High hosted the annual Art Throwdown on Friday, January 20.

    Middle and high schools around the district bring three teams to the competition: sculpting, drawing and painting. Each team is tasked with creating an art piece centered around the theme. This year's theme was "Perpetual Aspects of Time: Local, National and Galactic."

    Grassland and Thompson's Station middle school tied for the overall middle school winner. The overall high school winner is Nolensville High.

    The top three teams in each category for middle and high school are listed below:

    Middle School


    1. Thompson's Station Middle
    2. Grassland Middle
    3. Hillsboro School


    1. Grassland Middle
    2. Thompson's Station Middle
    3. Sunset Middle


    1. Thompson's Station Middle
    2. Grassland Middle
    3. Mill Creek Middle

    High School


    1. TIE: Fairview High and Nolensville High
    2. TIE: Independence High and Page High
    3. Centennial High


    1. Independence High
    2. Page High
    3. Fairview High


    1. Nolensville High
    2. Summit High
    3. Independence High