Schools of the Week: Hunters Bend Elementary and Mill Creek Elementary

  • Published February 14, 2023

    The Schools of the Week spotlight is on Hunters Bend Elementary and Mill Creek Elementary this week. Take a look at the photo galleries below to see some of the fun in each school building, and see quotes from employees and students about what makes their school great.

    Hunters Bend Elementary

    The thing I love the most about Hunter’s Bend is our small community. We are a neighborhood school and that creates close bonds within our student population. Because of our small size, the staff here has the opportunity to work across grade levels more often. I truly feel like I know my co-workers and value them in a way that I have not been able to at larger schools. We are truly a family here! - HBES teacher Angelle Gallers

    "My favorite thing about Hunters Bend is that it's a very fun environment, and you get to do a lot of different things. We get to do a lot of projects in science and social studies, and I really like that." - said HBES student Hank Bennion

    Mill Creek Elementary

    "My favorite thing about Mill Creek Elementary is that all of my teachers are always very kind to me. They are all great." - MCES student Vivian Cooke

  • Fifth-grade students at Hunters Bend Elementary are using popsicle sticks to learn about math.

    In Amy Lowe's class, students are creating different shapes out of popsicle sticks. The activity tests the students' knowledge of polygons and keeps them interested in the lesson.

    "The goal for today was to create irregular polygons using their characteristics," Lowe said. "We used popsicle sticks to engage more parts of our brain, and we worked with partners to encourage discussion."

  • Mill Creek Elementary had many historical visitors on Friday, February 10.

    Third graders created a living wax museum and dressed as famous people throughout history. Parents and teachers had the opportunity to hear from Lionel Messi, Frida Kahlo and more during the presentation time.

    "I dressed as Walt Disney," said MCES student Sullivan Adams. "He made Disney movies and Disney World, and I like watching the shows and animation."