BHS Student Gets Research Paper Published

Dominick Kamssu
  • Published February 28, 2023

    A Brentwood High senior's research paper will be published in the Review of Higher Education and Self-Learning after being accepted by the Intellectbase International Cosortium-Academic Conference.

    Dominick Kamsuu's paper, titled "Analysis of COVID-19 Pandemic Exceptionalism in Sub-Saharan Africa and a Proposed Solution to the Challenges in the Education Sector," will be available in Volume 14, Issue 34 of the magazine.

    "On a cultural level, I relate to Africa a lot," Dominick said. "My family is ethnically Cameroonian, and it's really ingrained in my culture. I speak French and a little bit of the tribal language, and something was telling me to just go for it. Education is really important in the world. I also talked a lot to my cousins in Cameroon during the pandemic, and they were telling me how their school is shut down. They didn't know if they would graduate late or finish school. And I thought that this was something I really had to address."

    Dominick was inspired to write the paper after seeing a flyer in his mother's office asking for research to be presented. It piqued his interest, and Dominick began his research process.

    "I went online and looked through a lot of already published papers," he said. "I connected and pieced together the data, and it flowed together really nicely."

    When Dominick and his family learned that his paper was going to be published, he almost couldn't believe it.

    "I was so excited when I got the email," Dominick said. "It's basically a dream come true. This is something that people strive to do, and I just accomplished that. It's remarkable. It was exhilarating." 

    Dominick's time at Brentwood High has helped him improve his research and writing process. His teachers were also incredibly supportive.

    "Every class has helped me," he said. "English helped teach me the writing styles to make the information more presentable and easier to read. Science helped me because of the critical-thinking process and piecing information together. History is taking past information and making it relevant now, which is a lot of what research is. When I told my teachers about what I was doing, my eleventh-grade English teacher told me to go for it and that he was proud of me."