Schools of the Week: Grassland Elementary and Longview Elementary

  • Published February 28, 2023

    The Schools of the Week spotlight is on Grassland Elementary and Longview Elementary this week. Take a look at the photo galleries below to see some of the fun in each school building, and see quotes from employees and students about what makes their school great.

    Grassland Elementary

    "Everyone is so nice here and has fun. I think the most fun class is PE." - GES student Calvin Powers

    "This is my first year as a school librarian and at Grassland, and I have been so welcomed. I love the community, and I love the students. It's just been an amazing experience." - GES librarian Caroline Andrews

    Longview Elementary

    "Longview is awesome because the teachers are supportive and nice. They help us learn a lot. My favorite class here is art, because it's always fun." - LVES student Cecilia Mermelstein

    "I love the fact that we have so many students here. I get to see every single student, which is so fun. I've been here for five years, so I get to learn their names and greet them at the front door. They always brighten my day when I'm in a bad mood." - LVES librarian Kendra Baggett

  • Grassland Elementary students are putting on their thinking caps.

    On Monday, February 27, Grassland Elementary kicked off Read Across America Week with Hat Day. From baseball caps and bucket hats to mouse ears and unicorn beanies, students donned a hat of their choice before being visited by an author that morning.

    "I like to read," said GES second-grader Fiona Brunger. "I like graphic novels, picture books and chapter books. The library is my favorite thing in school."

  • First graders at Longview Elementary are building treehouses.

    After reading Enemy Pie by Derek Munson, students were divided into groups and asked to build a treehouse out of Magna-Tiles. In the book, the main character becomes friends with his enemy, Jeremy, after inviting him up into his treehouse.

    "We based our treehouse on the story," LVES student Olivia Coleman said, "It was fun because I had a friend with me the whole time we were building to help me and guide me."