Ravenwood High Becomes First-Time History Bowl Winners

Students and teachers holding a large check
  • Published March 7, 2023

    For the first time, a team of Ravenwood High students is the Sara Bayrd American History Bowl champions.

    Evan Hostetler, Jay Denery, Jack Hermann and Johan Gigme won the competition Thursday, February 23, with 15,000 points.

    "Each team member truly enjoys learning about history, and each one was excited to show what they know," said RHS history teacher and History Bowl coach Elizabeth Ballew. "Each student was placed in the rounds in which they would be the most successful. They worked very well together and helped each other stay focused."

    Students practiced each week, answering questions from past competitions. They also ran through practice rounds to get each student prepared for what they would be facing.

    "We were able to see them grow in their confidence and strategies, which is also obviously a large part of the History Bowl," Ballew said. "My favorite part is seeing the team's smiles and excitement, knowing they are doing this together. They are all so bright, and their knowledge of history is astounding. It was such a fun event to be involved in, and I hope to experience it again next year."

    As the competition winners, Ravenwood High received $800 in prize money, and each student received a gift card. The second and third-place winners, Independence and Brentwood high schools, also received a cash prize.