Schools of the Week: Pearre Creek Elementary and Thompson's Station Middle

  • Published March 28, 2023

    The Schools of the Week spotlight is on Pearre Creek Elementary and Thompson's Station Middle this week. Take a look at the photo galleries below to see some of the fun in each school building, and see quotes from employees and students about what makes their school great.

    Pearre Creek Elementary

    "I love teaching at Pearre Creek because of the close-knit community surrounding the school. Everyone here feels welcomed every single day by parent volunteers, staff, and students. Coming in as a new teacher to the area, I expected to feel isolated, but I have felt like the people at Pearre Creek were genuinely happy that I was here and wanted to get to know me. I feel so lucky to be on my fourth-grade team as well, with the absolute best mentor." - PCES teacher Kiersten Anton

    "I love the staff. They are great, and they love to keep us safe. They love each of us just the way we are." - PCES student Annistyn Barbera

    Thompson's Station Middle

    "I love teaching art TSMS because we are a family. I am supported by fellow teachers and administrators, and our students do a great job of supporting each other as well. I feel I can truly get to know my students and coworkers in this environment." - TSMS teacher Becky Bean

    "My favorite thing about Thompson's Station Middle is that they are always there for me. My teachers and my friends help me whenever I am having a bad day." - TSMS student Naomi Lynch

  • Pearre Creek Elementary fifth graders are learning some helpful life skills in art class.

    Art teacher Christina Hohmann is teaching her students how to sew. Using polyester fabric, buttons and more, students were able to create anything they wanted.

    "It really starts in fourth grade," said Oliver. "You sew a pillow. In fifth grade, you get to make whatever you want, and I'm making an angry face. There wasn't any yellow fabric to make a happy face, so that's why I'm making an angry face."

  • Spring sports are in full swing at Thompson's Station Middle.

    The girls softball team took on the Woodland Middle Warriors Thursday, March 23. After a hard-fought game, WMS defeated TSMS 10-2.

    "The girls come excited to practice every day," said TSMS assistant softball coach Mark Montgomery. "They have a great attitude, and we just want to encourage them as much as we can and just help them have a love for softball."