• Published March 28, 2023

    Williamson County Schools DECA students are heading to the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Orlando.

    Students around Tennessee gathered in Chattanooga March 8-11 to participate in various events during the State Career Development Conference, including financial literacy, restaurant management and automotive services. Several WCS students excelled at the competition and placed high enough to advance to the ICDC April 22-25.

    In addition to placing fourth overall in the Entrepreneurship Series category, Brentwood High's Eshaan Chanda was elected president of Tennessee DECA.

    "Brentwood High DECA is so proud to have had Eshaan elected as the State DECA president for the 2023-24 term," said BHS DECA adviser Lisa Nease. "He will lead our State association of more than 6,000 members for the next year using his exemplary leadership skills and outstanding speaking talent. Eshaan is extremely innovative and always seeking to make things better. He is a leader by example and by serving others."

    Congratulations to the students and programs listed below:

  • Buying and Merchandising Operations Research

    • Third: Aarushi Deshwal and Evan Hostetler, Ravenwood High
    • Fourth: Anjali Babu and Aksheetha Mathialagan, Brentwood High

    Finance Operations Research

    • Second: Rajveer Chaudhury, Srikar Kusumanchi and Kaushik Sathiyandrakumar, Ravenwood High

    Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research

    • First: Olivia Candelaria, Brentwood High

    Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations Research

    • First: Chloe Lee, Stephie Lee and Sophia Wang, Ravenwood High

    Franchise Business Plan

    • Third: Sara Fox, Laura Johnson and Gabby Madeline, Page High
    • First Alternate: Sahib Bedi, Sai Ravilla and Rijul Tandon, Ravenwood High

    Independent Business Plan

    • Second Alternate: Riya Koranne, Sonali Lal and Aishni Nath, Ravenwood High

    Innovation Plan

    • First: Anishka Chitreddy and Prisha Shethia, Ravenwood High

    International Business Plan

    • Fourth: Shamyuktha Dintakurthy and Shruthi Mogan, Page High
    • First Alternate: Ara Alabi, Yuti Kale and Sheza Siddiq, Ravenwood High

    Start-Up Plan

    • First: Alli Conkle, Parker Levy and Mackenna Poole, Page High
    • Fourth: Mira Wadhawan and Debra Zhang, Ravenwood High

    Accounting Applications Series

    • Second: Kyle Rose, Brentwood High
    • Third: Sara Mekonnen, Nolensville High
    • Fifth: Hamza Alkanshaly, Brentwood High

    Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series

    • Fourth: Brooke Cole, Brentwood High

    Automotive Services Marketing Series

    • First Alternate: Destiny Inkum, Brentwood High

    Business Finance Series

    • First: Deepak Balamurugan, Nolensville High
    • Fifth: Aarush Sawhney, Ravenwood High

    Business Services Marketing Series

    • First: Arshia Malhotra, Brentwood High
    • Third: Shaunak Moghe, Brentwood High
    • Fourth: Varun Kilaru, Ravenwood High

    Entrepreneurship Series

    • First: Kathryn Woehlke, Brentwood High
    • Second: Elizabeth Howard, Independence High
    • Third: Will Corum, Brentwood High
    • Fourth: Eshaan Chanda, Brentwood High
    • First Alternate: Ashima Grover, Ravenwood High

    Food Marketing Series

    • Third: Rachel LeRoy, Page High
    • Second Alternate: Jasmine Kumar, Ravenwood High

    Hotel and Lodging Management Series

    • Fifth: Annmarie Stallman, Brentwood High

    Human Resources Management Series

    • First: Maggie Winkler, Brentwood High
    • Third: Lucy Wyatt, Brentwood High
    • Fourth: Sam Babu, Brentwood High

    Marketing Communication Series

    • Second: Leah Rovey, Page High
    • Third: Sloane Conway, Brentwood High
    • Fifth: Kerry Somers, Brentwood High
  • Quick Service Restaurant Management Series

    • Third: Arabella Best, Page High
    • Fifth: Ty Glenn, Brentwood High

    Restaurant and Food Service Management Series

    • Second: Louisa Hart, Brentwood High
    • First Alternate: Anna Oliphant, Brentwood High

    Retail Merchandising Series

    • First: Adrien Terrenoire, Brentwood High
    • Third: Sam Ross, Page High
    • First Alternate: Sai Rachakonda, Ravenwood High

    Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series

    • First: Natasha Villaruz, Brentwood High
    • Second: Jackson Murray, Page High

    Integrated Marketing Campaign - Event

    • Second: Emily Kalinowski, Nila Kondee and Cara Sullivan, Brentwood High

    Integrated Marketing Campaign - Product

    • Third: Cynthia Xu and Linda Xu, Ravenwood High

    Integrated Marketing Campaign - Service

    • First: Gauri Adarsh, Annika Bhargava and Varun Bussa, Ravenwood High
    • First Alternate: Scarlett Childs, Reeva Lalani and Mary Riebau, Page High

    Personal Financial Literacy

    • First: Colin Carpenter, Brentwood High

    Principles of Business Management and Administration

    • Second: Andrew Wagnon, Page High

    Principles of Finance

    • Third: Watts Corum, Brentwood High
    • Fifth: Mikhail Jacobsen, Brentwood High

    Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

    • First: Kayla Josephson, Page High
    • Second: Yashvi Patel, Brentwood High

    Principles of Marketing

    • Second: Lydia Cromwell, Brentwood High
    • Third: Katherine Bailey, Page High

    Financial Consulting Event

    • First: William Hong, Brentwood High
    • Fourth: Autumn Peoples, Independence High

    Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling

    • First: Hanna Araya, Ravenwood High

    Professional Selling Event

    • Third: Drake Dash, Brentwood High

    Community Awareness Project

    • Second: Sreshtha Mishra, Ankita Nair and Asleshta Sengupta, Ravenwood High

    Community Giving Project

    • Third: Paige Hardy, Sonia Mistry and Molly Roberts, Independence High

    Financial Literacy Project

    • Second: Aarush Desai, Naman Mukerji and Nikhil Yelemali, Ravenwood High
    • First Alternate: Brooke Lynn and Nina Sagarad, Brentwood High

    Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making

    • First Alternate: Ashwika Chitreddy and Samisha Kumar, Ravenwood High

    Financial Services Team Decision Making

    • Second: Jace Layton and Cesar Rager, Independence High

    Marketing Management and Team Decision Making

    • Third: Alyssa Patel and Anshika Prasad, Ravenwood High

    School-Based Enterprise, Gold Certification

    • Chaplin Clauer, Callie Costantine and Elaina Fields, Brentwood High

    Chapter Campaign Winner (Including Community Service)

    • Neha Thanigaivelan and Parker Dixon, Brentwood High

    Membership Campaign Winner

    • Brentwood High, Largest Chapter in Tennessee