Schools of the Week: Heritage Elementary and Nolensville Elementary

  • Published April 4, 2023

    The Schools of the Week spotlight is on Heritage Elementary and Nolensville Elementary this week. Take a look at the photo galleries below to see some of the fun in each school building, and see quotes from employees and students about what makes their school great.

    Heritage Elementary

    "One thing that makes teaching at HES enjoyable is the genuine "familiness" of the faculty, staff, students and parents. My husband had a heart attack in January 2023, and the school and classroom parents came together to get me grocery gift cards so I could buy the groceries we needed to change his eating habits. This will stand out as one of the greatest moments in my teaching career." - HES teacher Sarah Oliphant

    "Specials are my favorite thing at school. You can do a lot of different things other than the four normal subjects. Specials are a lot of fun." - HES student Huck Hyer

    Nolensville Elementary

    "NES has a supportive community. The students are loving and kind to each other, and the parents rally to help our school, teachers and students." - NES teacher Stacy Myers

    "My favorite thing about Nolensville Elementary is the teachers." - NES student Joey Marzullo

  • The Bee-Bots are buzzing at Heritage Elementary.

    HES students are learning about coding in the Learning Commons by creating their own mazes and programming a Bee-Bot to successfully navigate the puzzle.

    "You have to try to figure out how to get the Bee-Bot through a maze," said HES student Lily Herb. "That's my favorite part. Plus you get to be creative."

  • Nolensville Elementary students went under the sea by watching third, fourth and fifth graders perform The Little Mermaid, Jr.

    On Friday, March 31, students performed the Disney classic in front of some of the younger students. Full of colorful costumes and props, the show was a huge hit.