Five WCS Students Perfect the ACT

Students smile
  • Published April 18, 2023

    Another five WCS high school students have accomplished something fantastic: earning a perfect composite score on the ACT exam. These five students all took the exam in February.

    Brentwood High's Luke Haws and Katherine Perez scored a 36 composite on the exam.

    "Luke is an outstanding student who wants to pursue a degree in computer science and mechanical engineering," said BHS teacher Harriet Medlin. "He is also a strong participant in community service activities. Katherine excels in all academic areas, but she especially enjoys creative writing and mathematics. She is always looking for new challenges, and her strengths are in showing initiative, independence and self-motivation."

    Franklin High's Lukas Mathesius also scored a perfect composite score on his ACT.

    "Lukas is an amazing student and works very hard in the classroom," said FHS Principal Dr. Shane Pantall. "We are proud of him and very excited that he has accomplished this achievement."

    Page High student Thomas Jordan joined the small percentage of students to ace the ACT.

    "Thomas is an articulate and bright student at Page High," said PHS Assistant Principal Randy Hatley. "He challenges himself by taking our most difficult classes and excels in them. We are so proud of his accomplishments through his first three years of high school, and we look forward to his upcoming senior year and what the future holds for him."

    Saisarath Ravilla, from Ravenwood High, can also say he scored a perfect composite score on the college-readiness exam.

    "A perfect ACT score is no small feat," said RHS Principal Dr. Pam Vaden. "We are proud of the work Saisarath put in toward this accomplishment."