• Published April 18, 2023

    Orchestra students at Franklin High learned music has no borders when they hosted nine music students from Laios, Ireland, April 10-14.  The students had the opportunity to make music together and learn from each other during the visit.

    “It’s been delightful to watch these kids experience how Irish music is typically played and worked out by sitting around and just playing,” said musical clinician Zach White. “Many of the Irish students just play by ear and don’t know a lot of music theory. The American students use more music theory, and it has been really fascinating to watch the worlds meld together.” 

    The students held a joint concert at the Entrepreneurial Innovation Center (EIC) on April 12 showcasing the collaboration and the music they have learned together.  

    “To experience a new culture and type of music has been great,” said FHS junior Noah Cason.