• Published May 10, 2023

    For the past month, students have taken control of Ravenwood High teacher Kate Hickey's class every Friday.

    For their most recent project, students selected any topic that interested them, prepared a lesson plan and led the class for one day. Whether they chose Cinco de Mayo, the Running of the Bulls or the tribes of the Amazon as their topic, students had the opportunity to share their research and a food item with their peers. According to Hickey, the project helps students learn about what it takes to teach.

    "Whenever you teach something, you learn it to the highest degree," said Hickey. "I wanted them to have a chance to do a presentation that they chose. They had to put something together with higher-level thinking and a detailed lesson plan, so it was a really multifaceted endeavor. They're blowing me away, and everyone looks forward to Friday."