WCS Honors Military-Bound Graduates

  • Published May 10, 2023

    Williamson County Schools salutes the young men and women who made the decision to join the United States Armed Forces at the 2023 Military Recognition Ceremony held May 9.

    "We are so proud of these students and so humbled that we've been a little part, with their parents and their grandparents and their families, of raising them," said WCS Superintendent Jason Golden. "We wish them well, and we know that they are going to do great things in their time of service and throughout their careers and lives. We look forward to where they're heading."

    This year, approximately 50 students heard the call to serve various military branches. Thank you to the students listed below:

  • Air Force

    • Immanuel Barr, Centennial High
    • Matthew Peck, Franklin High
    • Benjamin Charles Howard, Independence High
    • Michael Brandon Mayers, Independence High
    • Gabriel Jacob Bruno, Independence High
    • Benjamin George Iverson, Independence High
    • Luke Boldizsar, Independence High
    • Sofia Rubi, Nolensville High

    Air Force Academy

    • Rory Haven Shedd, Independence High
    • Sean McVey, Nolensville High
    • Grace Buettner, Ravenwood High

    Air National Guard

    • Adrien Terrenoire, Brentwood High


    • Michael Osteen, Centennial High
    • Dalton Johnson, Fairview High
    • Etien Mungier, Fairview High
    • Caleb Fowler, Franklin High
    • Adam Bunte, Franklin High
    • Jena Reese Farris, Independence High
    • Joseph Barr, Page High

    TN National Guard

    • Angel Avila, Centennial High
    • Jose Segoviano, Centennial High
    • Jacob Seay, Fairview High
    • Luke Cruz Painter, Independence High
    • Jennalynn Jolie Lazo, Independence High
    • Peyton Wells, Nolensville High
    • Parker Pugh, Page High
    • Lillian Otto, Page High
    • Tyler Cline, Ravenwood High
  • Military Academy at West Point

    • Abigail Hare, Brentwood High

    Army ROTC

    • Sierra Clydesdale, Brentwood High
    • Ellen Grayson, Centennial High
    • Norman Herman, Franklin High
    • Veronica Beech, Franklin High
    • Frankie Freitas, Independence High
    • Charlie Kelso, Ravenwood High
    • Josh Bonson, Summit High
    • Taylor Arrington, Summit High

    Coast Guard

    • Caleb Gallagher, Fairview High

    Marine Corps

    • Brandon Lee, Fairview High
    • Halle Prince, Ravenwood High

    Naval Academy

    • Will Johnson, Ravenwood High


    • Riley Tuttle, Centennial High
    • Hunter Phillip Brannam, Independence High
    • Sam Lee Empey, Independence High
    • Ava Claire Gordon, Independence High
    • Trevor Rovey, Page High
    • Jonah Zahn, Ravenwood High

    Navy ROTC

    • Isabella Conn, Nolensville High
    • Jacob Lampert, Summit High
    • Connor Lahey, Summit High