• Published May 16, 2023

    Nine Williamson County Schools robotics teams traveled to Dallas to compete at the 2023 VEX Robotics World Championship April 25 through May 4.

    Brentwood High's Team Exotek, which includes Vikram Vinayagam, Lucas Clevenger, Luke Haws, Anthony Beckett and Quintin Wehby, ranked third out of 82 teams in the qualification rounds of their division before falling in the quarterfinals. Brentwood High's other team, Team Mad Scientists, ranked 40th out of 82 teams in their division. That team is comprised of Austin Schul, Harrison Penn and Connor Harris. Several other Brentwood High students, including Grant Carpenter, Shaunak Moghe and Colton King, helped the teams on the road to the world championship. The Brentwood High robotics teacher is Dr. Roberto Marrero.

    "The arena had 15,000 spectators in attendance and the atmosphere of a rock concert," said Marrero. "The teams that competed in the arena are amazing, and every team aspires to be among the Top 10 alliances. For us, maybe next year."

    Ravenwood High took three teams to the competition. Adwit Satyawadi, Jaishva Bhatt, Victoria You, Jo Jamullamudi and Truman Porter placed 13th in their division and advanced into the divisional playoffs. The other Ravenwood High teams that attended were Team C which includes, Aarav Dholakia, Andrew Salmon, Caelan Dunlea and Matthew Mueller, and Team D, which includes Varun Kilaru, Vihaan Bussa, Emory Lomicka, Preetham Dyapa and Aneek Polepalli. The Ravenwood High coach is Rus Hayes.

    Brentwood Middle took four teams to the competition. Team Alpha is comprised of Bryson Breece, James Cromwell, Jett Holt and Jimmy Robison. Team Charlie includes Om Shirwalkar and Cameron Work. Alex Dillard, Alexander Gaccione, Reese Looney, Hudson McKinney and Evie Short make up Team Echo, and Team Golf includes Cason DeTray, Edmond Jarnigan, Ethan Brady, Kesh Patel and Ryan Ervin. Their teacher is Debra Schaefer. 

    "I am proud of how well they strategized with teams from around the world, as well as their teamwork skills," said Schaefer. "Our students competed with teams from Canada, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Australia, China, Egypt, Morocco, Thailand, Vietnam, Paraguay, Finland and Germany. Some of the teams had their highest scores of the season."

    The VEX Robotics World Championship brings together more than 10,000 participants from 81 countries. For more information about the competition, visit the tournament website.