Fairview High Mechatronics Students Break Record

Students in graduation robes smile
  • Published May 16, 2023

    A record-breaking number of Fairview High mechatronics students are graduating with both a college degree and a high school diploma. 

    Sixteen students graduated this year with an Associate Degree in Engineering Systems Technology, and 10 students earned a technical certificate from Columbia State Community College. 

    "I am proud of the great team at Fairview High School," said Tennessee Representative Sam Whitson. "The students, teachers and staff have worked together to ensure the success of the school’s mechatronics program over the years. Graduates of the program are ready to enter today’s workforce with the much-needed, high-tech skills that ensure a wide range of high-paying employment opportunities. They also have the foundation to continue their college education with considerable cost savings due to their completion of numerous dual-credit or dual-enrollment courses. I wish these outstanding 2023 graduates continued success in all their future endeavors."

    The Fairview High mechatronics program began in 2016 and gives students the opportunity to earn credit toward an associate degree while working on their high school diplomas. To date, 41 Fairview High students have graduated with an associate degree, and 47 have graduated with a technical certificate.


  • Earning the Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Systems Technology:

    • Dakota Bailey
    • Ayden Black
    • Chance Carter
    • Porter Dawson 
    • Mitchell English 
    • Julian Flores-Delgado 
    • Auslin Forester 
    • Carter Johnson 
    • Amelia Lea
    • Brandon Lee 
    • Mathew Lykins 
    • Ben Mangrum
    • Brody Mann 
    • Drew McCoy 
    • Jett Schmeisser
    • Katie Statton
  • Earning the Technical Certificate in Engineering Systems Technology:

    • Samantha Alonso Acriniega
    • Jeffrey Anderson
    • Sydney Catron
    • Bobby DeBaecke 
    • Gary Garland
    • Grady Givens 
    • Cougar Holder 
    • Britain Jobe 
    • Kylan Keller
    • John Spicer