RHS Science Olympiad Team Competes at Nationals

Students smile
  • Published June 13, 2023

    After winning first place at the Tennessee Science Olympiad, Ravenwood High students traveled to Wichita, Kansas, to compete in the National Science Olympiad May 19-20.

    The students were joined by 119 other teams from all around the country and one Global Ambassador Team from Japan. They competed against their peers in 23 different Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) challenges. 

    Ravenwood High students were among the best in several categories. Sophie McAtee and Chetan Yenigalla placed second in the Environmental Chemistry category; Ajay Balaje and Faheem Mohamed won third place in the Agricultural Science trial event; and Christina Chen and Sophie McAtee won third in the It's About Time event.

    "These students have worked hard all year long to prepare for each competition," said RHS science teacher Avrill Buerstetta. "Some students thought I was playing a prank on them when I told them we were invited to the national competition."

    The students who competed at the National Science Olympiad include Ajay Balaje, Rajveer Chaudhury, Christina Chen, Ryland Hoskins, Rohan Kilaru, Aayush Kumar, Sophie McAtee, Faheem Mohamed, Claire Moser, Gwen Moser, Aditya Pradeep, Christina Qi, Sophia Wang, Chetan Yenigalla, Aiden Yeung and Brayden Zhang.