Finalists Announced for Annual WILLCO Awards

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  • Published June 13, 2023

    WCS student-athletes will soon walk the red carpet at the 2023 WILLCO Awards on Tuesday, June 20.

    The WILLCO Awards is an annual event celebrating student-athletes and coaches for their achievements throughout the school year. Students are entered in more than 25 categories, including Top Female and Male Athlete, Football Player of the Year and more. The top high school media student and top coaches are recognized as well.

    Taking place at The Factory at Franklin, the red carpet show begins at 5 p.m. and is open to the public. The awards ceremony will begin at 7 p.m. All finalists may invite two guests. After 7 p.m., others will be allowed to enter for standing room only. The event will also be livestreamed on the WC-TV YouTube channel.

    The finalists in each category are listed below. Several other awards will be announced during the awards ceremony, including Student-Athlete of the Year, the John Maher Builders Sportsmanship Award, Sponsor of the Year, the Courage Award, Male and Female Multi-Sport Athlete of the Year and both divisions of the WCS Sports Conference Directors Cup.

  • Girls Basketball

    • Braley Bushman, Page High
    • Quinn Johnston, Summit High
    • Ella Ryan, Brentwood High
    • Leilani Washington, Nolensville

    Boys Basketball

    • Daniel Cochran, Brentwood High
    • Nathan Dillingham, Fairview High
    • Tylan Lewis, Independence High
    • Jett Montgomery, Independence High

    Girls Bowling

    • Samantha Dailey, Brentwood High
    • Ashley Johnson, Independence High
    • Annika Midgley, Franklin High
    • Sydney Osbourn, Nolensville High

    Boys Bowling

    • Brayden Didier, Franklin High
    • Houston Fulks, Franklin High
    • Noah Osbourn, Nolensville High
    • Drew Whalen, Franklin High

    Girls Cross-Country

    • Sophia Boutros, Page High
    • Rachel Haws, Brentwood High
    • Larkin Johnson, Centennial High
    • Claire Stegall, Nolensville High

    Boys Cross-Country

    • Parker Harris, Franklin High
    • Asher Oates, Independence High
    • Robert Pautienus, Brentwood High
    • Kehler Vaughn, Brentwood High

    Football, Offense

    • Colin Hurd, Page High
    • Taner Lee, Centennial
    • Chris Parson, Ravenwood High
    • Coby Walton, Nolensville High

    Football, Defense

    • Adam Fontechia, Brentwood High
    • Eric Hazzard, Page High
    • Dominic Reed, Centennial High
    • Taylor Wein, Nolensville High

    Football, Player of the Year

    • Chance Fitzgerald, Nolensville High
    • Colin Hurd, Page High
    • Ronan O'Connell, Page High
    • Dominic Reed, Centennial High

    Girls Golf

    • Brooke Bennett, Page High
    • Brooke Brummett, Brentwood High
    • Sophia DiPaolo, Franklin High
    • Hannah Ruth Walton, Ravenwood High

    Boys Golf

    • Grant Clark, Page High
    • Michael Hake, Ravenwood High
    • Will Pinson, Franklin High
    • Jacob Purifoy, Brentwood High

    Girls Soccer

    • Avery Brown, Franklin High
    • Bella Macaso, Ravenwood High
    • Maddie Padelski, Nolensville High
    • Abby Thornton, Page High


    • Kaira Knox, Nolensville High
    • Reaghan Larkin, Ravenwood High
    • Bella LePore, Ravenwood High
    • Dylan Sulcer, Brentwood High

    Girls Wrestling

    • Rylee Bennett, Summit High
    • Sydney Hueser, Franklin High
    • Rylee Lent, Independence High
    • Brooklyn Long, Independence High

    Boys Wrestling

    • Kendrick Curtis, Fairview High
    • Landon Desselle, Summit High
    • Jarvis Little, Summit High
    • Tre McTorry, Nolensville High


    • Emmy Harvey, Franklin High
    • Addison Meakin, Brentwood High
    • Luka Ornellas, Summit High
    • Anna Palmeri, Ravenwood High


    • Isabella Allen, Independence High
    • Hannah Davis, Summit High
    • Hayden Sloan, Centennial High
    • Lacy Whitley, Brentwood High
  • Baseball

    • Harrison Cowdrey, Independence High
    • Ethan McElvain, Nolensville High
    • Connor Paul, Ravenwood High
    • Ryan Yates, Centennial High

    Boys Soccer

    • Cooper Bailey, Brentwood High
    • Adrian Byasiima, Nolensville High
    • Thomas Fields, Brentwood High
    • Davis Long, Franklin High


    • Ryan Brown, Independence High
    • Lauren Johnson, Centennial High
    • Ella Polk, Page High
    • Rylan Smith, Nolensville High

    Girls Tennis

    • Aubrey Carper, Franklin High
    • Maddie Darud, Page High
    • Emsley Meier, Brentwood High
    • Grace Stout, Ravenwood High

    Boys Tennis

    • Jake Dunn, Franklin High
    • Sam Frank, Fairview High
    • Evan Ly, Brentwood High
    • Stephen Smith, Brentwood High

    Girls Track

    • Gabrielle Boulay, Centennial High
    • Claire Stegall, Nolensville High
    • Sarah Tang, Independence High
    • Sophie Yount, Brentwood High

    Boys Track

    • Hudson Allain, Brentwood High
    • Aiden Carter, Brentwood High
    • Cole Combs, Page High
    • Miles Ramer, Ravenwood High

    Flag Football

    • Lyla Gardner, Franklin High
    • Bella Macaso, Ravenwood High
    • LilyAnn McElroy, Fairview High
    • Nicole Rizane, Summit High

    Female Athlete of the Year

    • Gabrielle Boulay, Centennial High
    • Rylan Smith, Nolensville High
    • Claire Stegall, Nolensville High
    • Sophie Yount, Brentwood High

    Male Athlete of the Year

    • Aiden Carter, Brentwood High
    • Kendrick Curtis, Fairview High
    • Jett Montgomery, Independence High
    • Ronan O'Connell, Page High

    Female Sports Coach of the Year

    • Nathan Clapp, Page High Soccer
    • Joe Fedoris, Brentwood High Track
    • Luke Patton, Nolensville High Softball
    • Rob Pautienus, Brentwood High Cross-Country

    Male Sports Coach of the Year

    • Rob Baughman, Centennial High Basketball
    • Mike Purcell, Brentwood High Soccer
    • Charles Rathbone, Page High Football
    • Mark Wilkins, Independence High Basketball

    Female Sports Team of the Year

    • Brentwood High Cross-Country
    • Brentwood High Track
    • Nolensville High Softball
    • Page High Soccer

    Male Sports Team of the Year

    • Brentwood High Soccer
    • Brentwood High Track
    • Independence High Basketball
    • Page High Track

    Media Student of the Year

    • Lincoln Campbell, Page High
    • John Galeas, Summit High
    • Anna Raye Jones, Franklin High
    • Miki Stolle, Summit High