• Published June 13, 2023

    WCS students are exploring the arts at Nolensville High's first summer art camp.

    Led by NHS art teachers Heather McHugh and Nicole Church, the camp spans two weeks and focuses on 2D and 3D art. On Friday, June 9, students created their own prints using gel printing plates, paint and different leaves and grass pieces. This was just one of many different art methods students are learning.

    "The projects that the students completed include a double self-portrait using their silhouette and watercolor paints and an acrylic painting using a string as their painting implement," said McHugh. "They explored fibers and created ice-dyed t-shirts. Afterward, they used an ancient Japanese printing process called Gyotaku, where fishermen would ink up a fish they caught and print their likeness on newspaper to document the species. It's super cool."