Logging into Skyward

Skyward login screen
  • Published July 25, 2023

    WCS families can once again use Skyward to access information from multiple teachers and for all siblings.

    Teacher grade books, report cards, calendar-related information, schedules, teacher messages, conference notifications and academic history are all available on Skyward. Due to enrollment and teacher changes before August 4, kindergarten through twelfth-grade class schedules will not be final until the first day of school. After the first day, some adjustments may still be made.

    Information on Skyward is only available to account holders. Usernames and passwords for existing accounts will remain the same, and families may click on the "Forgot your Login/Password" link on the Skyward login screen to retrieve their information. Families without an account should contact their child's school.

    Students have their own accounts, so parents do not need to share their usernames and passwords. For extra convenience, families can download Skyward's mobile app.