Students Spend Summer Acing ACT

Students smile
  • Published August 1, 2023

    Seven WCS students achieved an impressive feat over their summer break: acing the ACT exam.

    Brentwood High's Todd Glenn and Charlotte Landman both scored a perfect composite score on the June exam.

    "Todd has one of the most curious minds and truly finds joy in learning," said BHS teachers. "He is driven, dedicated and self-motivated. He yearns for a challenge and is such a positive presence in the classroom. Charlotte values learning and takes advantage of the presentation of materials and activities in the classroom in her quest for a greater understanding of concepts and processes. She works well independently and in paired and group activities." 

    Centennial High student William Maher also earned a 36 composite on the June ACT.

    "We are extremely proud of William and this amazing accomplishment," said CHS Principal Dr. Kevin Dyson. "William is a compassionate, dedicated, hardworking and goal-oriented student who is driven to succeed. He is always looking to serve others, and we couldn't be more excited about what the future holds for him."

    Three Page High students joined the small percentage of students nationwide to score a perfect composite on the ACT. Anna Avery and Akhilan Muralidharan both aced the June exam, and Riley Osburn took the July test.

    "Page High's faculty is so proud of these students," said PHS Principal Dr. Katie Hill. "They exhibit hard work and dedication to academic excellence in all ways. We are happy for them to have achieved such an honor and all the opportunities that come with a perfect ACT score."

    Ravenwood High's Divya Shrivastava also earned a 36 composite score. Divya took the July test.

    "Divya is kind, thoughtful and always willing to put her best foot forward," said RHS counselor Lisa Grijalva. "She will no doubt make the world a better place."