Creating a Culture of Kindness and Open Communication for the 2023-24 School Year

A teacher talks with a student parent
  • Published August 1, 2023

    As WCS begins the new school year, families and staff are encouraged to embrace a culture of kindness and create open lines of communication.

    School-based personnel are expected to return parent/guardian communication in all forms within 48 hours during the school week when school is in session. Families should communicate important details with their child's teacher that may impact them on a day-to-day basis. This will allow the teacher to be best prepared to support students each day.

    WCS is continuing to focus on the Be Nice state of mind. This culture of kindness helps families develop close relationships with their student's teachers and school staff. Families are encouraged to share feedback with those who work in their child's school.

    Visitors are welcome on all of our campuses. However, the district protects instructional time during the school day and wants to ensure teaching occurs without distraction. If you have a specific need on campus, be sure to schedule time with building personnel before visiting, and make sure you are aware of the visitor protocols.

    Volunteering is always appreciated. Communication will consistently come from the school level regarding opportunities.

    Be sure you direct your questions to the right person. If a parent or guardian has questions regarding their child, the first point of contact is the child's teacher. If a parent needs information the teacher cannot provide, reaching out to the school's principal or assistant principal is the next step. The next level of contact is the executive director of elementary or secondary education, followed by the appropriate assistant superintendent and then the WCS superintendent. The family's School Board representative is the final point of contact.

    More information about the district, communication, schools and more can be found on the WCS website.