Sunset Middle Teacher Writes Song About Kindness

Michael Kuhl holds a flag
  • Published August 15, 2023

    A Sunset Middle teacher is using his songwriting skills to teach others about kindness.

    SMS teacher Michael Kuhl used Principal Dr. Clarissa Haymon's own words to create a song called How Will You Be Remembered

    "When Dr. Haymon and Coach Hale ran their anti-bullying campaign last year, they not only named it 'How Will You Be Remembered,' but they also explained why," Kuhl said. "You will only have a few memories of most of the students you go to middle school will, so the question asks how you want to be remembered by your fellow classmates. I thought the title of their campaign was a great hook for a song, so that got the gears turning."

    Kuhl has written nearly 4,000 songs, and he says he loves to share his passion for music with his students.

    "As far as music goes, I feel it is the ultimate way to spread a message like this," he said. "It's a great way to get their attention, so I figure I might as well say something important while I have them."

    Kuhl performed his song on Saber Live, Sunset Middle's daily news broadcast. He is working with a team of publishers to pitch the song around Nashville in hopes of finding someone to officially record and release the song.