WCS High Schools Remain Among State's Best

School exteriors
  • Published August 29, 2023

    Three WCS high schools continue to be the highest-ranked, non-magnet schools in Tennessee, according to US News and World Report's annual Best High Schools list that was released August 29.

    Brentwood High is ranked fifth in the state; Ravenwood High is ranked sixth; and Franklin High is ranked seventh. Nolensville High is also among the Top 10 schools in the state after being ranked tenth. Page and Independence high schools are ranked eleventh and sixteenth, respectively.

     "Our students and teachers lead the state in public school education, and we are continuing to celebrate their great work," said WCS Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools Dr. Leigh Webb. "We thank all of our educators and school employees as they support the important work taking place in our classrooms. "

    Ten WCS high schools are ranked within the top 100 of 445 Tennessee schools. Vanguard Virtual High is unranked.

     The US News and World Report reviewed approximately 25,000 high schools across the country and ranked approximately 17,680 of those. The rankings are decided using six factors that are summed together and then transformed into a percentile number between zero and 100. The six factors considered are college readiness, college curriculum breadth, state assessment proficiency, state assessment performance, underserved student performance and graduation rate.

     The complete rankings of WCS high schools are listed below:

    • Brentwood High - 5 (ranked 226 nationally)
    • Ravenwood High - 6 (ranked 327 nationally)
    • Franklin High - 7 (ranked 383 nationally)
    • Nolensville High - 10 (ranked 801 nationally)
    • Page High - 11 (ranked 1,057 nationally)
    • Independence High - 16 (ranked 1,344 nationally)
    • Centennial High - 25 (ranked 2,011 nationally)
    • Summit High - 27 (ranked 2,141 nationally)
    • Fairview High - 51 (ranked 3,965 nationally)
    • Renaissance High - 93 (ranked 6,028 nationally)