• Published September 19, 2023

    Students at Bethesda Elementary had some special guests on Thursday, September 14.

    In Angela Webb and Tressy Crutchfield's third-grade classes, BES student Anna Wagner and her father brought several of the animals they care for at home to share with her classmates. Students were able to observe snakes, lizards and more while learning about different adaptations and other fun facts.

    "It's cool to show these to the other students because a lot of them don't have reptiles," said Anna. "They get to learn about different animals. I really like seeing the animals and petting them."

  • Sixth graders at Woodland Middle are saving the penguins.

    In Megan Ruth, Megan McCullough and Emily Lucas's classes, students used aluminum, cardboard, Styrofoam, cotton balls and more to build a nest to keep their penguin ice cubes safe. The nests were put under heat lamps to see which design was most effective.

    "We're building this to protect South African penguins," said WMS student Oliver Brown. "We got to use different materials, and our group built our nest out of cardboard because it's an insulator and it blocks out all of the heat energy. The penguin can stay all cool inside the nest."