• Published October 4, 2023

    Students at Legacy Middle are exploring their artistic sides in the school's various fine arts classes.

    In LMS teacher Rachel Henley's art class, students are using paint for their latest project. Theater students, led by LMS theater director Kaleb Stone, are building the set for their upcoming show, Sherlock Holmes and the First Baker Street Irregular.

    "The fine arts is a safe space for a lot of students who need one," said Henley. "It gives students a way to foster their creativity and have a sense of community. Additionally, the fine arts teach you soft skills such as creativity and critical thinking. I tell my students that these skills are sought after by employers and are possessed by very successful people."

  • Chapman's Retreat Elementary treated its students and their families to a unique event on Friday, September 29.

    The Build-a-Cheetah event gave students the opportunity to pick and stuff their own toy cheetah. The school also revealed the name of its mascot: Chip the Cheetah.

    "We got to help pick the name, and I voted for Chip," said CRES Lily Lindsey. "I was very excited when I heard what his name was. It's just a lot of fun."