• Published November 7, 2023

    Woodland Middle theater students embodied history in their most recent production, Night at the Wax Museum.

    Featuring nobles, pirates, cowboys and more, students had the opportunity to showcase their acting abilities onstage. The result was a show that entertained audiences from beginning to end.

    "Being able to work on such a simultaneously fun and entertaining show has been such a blast," said WMS theater director Abigail Newman. "My favorite part of the rehearsal process was some of the warmup games we used to help us grow certain skillsets needed for the show. We also played character-building games and got to build each other up during the process. The crew was also super focused and ready for anything, so I have to give them a hand for being on top of it from the very first day. All the students put in a lot of effort to make this show great, and I couldn't be prouder of them."