• Published November 14, 2023

    Seventh-grade students at Sunset Middle are building cell cities in Kaley Taylor's science class. The project allowed students to use their imagination while replicating either a plant or animal cell.

    “Today in science class, we presented our cell city projects, which model all of the organelles from chloroplasts to cell walls,” said SMS student Matthew Hassell. “This was a really cool project because it allowed us to let our creativity go wild and really explore cells.”

    When asked about what makes Sunset Middle so special, Matthew added, “Sunset Middle is great. We have a spirit of excellence and a culture of kindness. Everyone wants to learn and works really hard.”

  • Students and their families traveled to outer space during Thompson's Station Elementary's Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Math (STREAM) Night November 9.

    Students were given the task of completing different activities which ranged from operating drones and robots to painting planets to complete their TSES astronaut training checklist.

    "This is our second annual STREAM Night," said TSES literacy coach Sarah Thompson. "We've gone really big this year with the help of the county's College, Career and Technical Education department. It's just a time for our families to get together and have some fun while learning about so many different things."