• Published December 5, 2023

    Seventh-grade students at Mill Creek Middle are preparing for a mock trial later this week.

    Students in Kyle Snyder's social studies class were tasked with determining the fate of Galileo as they were divided into three groups: a jury, the prosecution and the defense.

    "We're trying to ask questions and figure out what proof we have in this court case," said MCMS student Asher Smith. "We're supposed to ask questions to the witness and prove that Galileo should be put to death. This lesson is more than just sitting at your desk and listening, you get to get up and do something."

  • Hillsboro School fifth-grade teacher Kristina Hutchinson is finding a fun way to teach her students about chemical reactions.

    On Thursday, November 30, students combined different ingredients, including milk, baking soda, glue and more, and observed what happened. After discovering that borax and glue were the most reactive pair of ingredients, students managed to create their very own Silly Putty.

    "We mixed the two things, and it became this slimy-textured goo," said HEMS student Elijah Lorente. "It was really cool to actually make, and then afterward, we got to play with it."