Franklin High Student Works with Nashville Ballet

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  • Published December 12, 2023

    A Franklin High student's initiative and design skills are getting her plugged into the Nashville Ballet.

    Sarah Deweese, an FHS senior, went on a field trip with dance teacher Crystal Shaffer's class to the ballet to see a rehearsal and explore some behind-the-scenes work. Sarah was particularly interested in the costume design process.

    "My junior year, I did a costume design for someone at her studio, so Ms. Shaffer knew that this was something I was really interested in," Sarah said. "I've always been a crafty person, but I didn't really start sewing apparel until my freshman year. I found that I loved doing it."

    While at the ballet, Sarah had the opportunity to meet the costume director Mycah Kennedy. 

    "I talked to Ms. Mycah and just asked about what she did here and how she got into the job," Sarah said. "I mentioned how I did my costume design and showed her pictures. That's when she asked how I felt about an internship over the summer."

    Over the next few weeks, Sarah followed up and sent in her portfolio. Although a summer internship did not pan out, Sarah continued to reach out about opportunities throughout her senior year.

    "I got a response," she said. "She said I'd been reviewed, and that they would love to have me as their intern. In August and September, I went in for about four weeks as their intern for the Firebird show. I attended fittings and dress rehearsals and saw what happened during the show. They even put my name in their program."

    After her internship, Sarah continued to help as a seamstress with the Nashville Ballet's production of Nutcracker. She also received an invitation to return for the 2024 Romeo and Juliet performance. Looking back, Sarah says she'll always be grateful to Ms. Shaffer for helping her with this incredible opportunity.

    "She really just is that type of teacher who cares so much about her students," she said. "I started talking about sewing in sophomore year, and she right away latched onto the idea. She's always been very supportive of everything I do. She ranges from being a teacher who hypes up everything you do to being a teacher who actually finds experiences where you can really spread your wings."