FHS Senior Recognized for Heroism

  • male student holds certificate
    Published January 24, 2024

    A Franklin High School student is being hailed as a hero for using the knowledge he gained at school to help an injured driver. 

    Senior Adam Streams was on his way to work on November 5 when he witnessed a car crash near Old Hickory Boulevard. Adam pulled over to offer assistance and noticed the driver of one of the vehicles was experiencing a medical emergency.

    "I could see he was struggling to breathe, and his skin was turning blue," said Adam, who is in year three of the Biomedical Science program at FHS. "I pulled him out of his car, took his pulse and began clearing his airway. While I waited for the paramedics to arrive, I did my best to keep him from swallowing his tongue."

    Adam says first responders arrived after a few minutes and transported the driver to the hospital. While he hasn't been informed of the driver's condition, Adam says the experience reinforced his interest in medicine.

    "I have always wanted to be a doctor," said Adam. "That's why I decided to take Mrs. Naish's biomedical science classes. I've learned so much in her program, and it's pretty cool that I was able to put some of it to use in a real-life situation."

    Adam's bravery was not lost on the administration at FHS. On January 11, FHS Principal Dr. Shane Pantall presented him with a special Certificate for Heroism. 

    "We're just really proud of Adam and his actions that day," said Pantall. "A lot of people wouldn't know what to do in a situation like that, but Adam took what he learned in class and used it to help someone in need."

    While he is flattered by the attention, Adam says he believes most people in that situation would have done the same thing.

    "I think it was one of those situations where I just happened to be in the right place at the right time."