• Published January 24, 2024

    Students at Nolensville High are getting hands-on with their latest art project.

    In NHS teacher Heather McHugh's class, students are using papier-mâché to create sculptures. Students are encouraged to show off their creativity when working on their projects.

    "I'm finishing my polar bear head out of papier-mâché," said NHS student Matthew Pfahl. "I started with an oval and looked at a picture of a polar bear's profile. I made the profile out of cardboard, stuck paper on each side and cut some ears out. This is day three or four, and this project is pretty fun."

  • Students at Walnut Grove Elementary are finding fun ways to learn about shadows.

    On Thursday, January 11, fourth graders built and tested their very own sundials. While outside, they had to make sure their sundials were pointed north so their toothpicks projected the shadow onto the correct number.

    "A sundial is basically a clock," said WGES student Spencer Nolan. "They used them in Ancient Egypt and Rome for people to tell the time. They used to just tell time by saying yesterday, today and tomorrow, but as they became more civilized, they wanted to use numbers. My favorite part of this project was that the sundials were fun to make and use outside."