• Published January 30, 2024

    Page Middle eighth graders are using food to help them learn about science.

    In PMS teacher Linda Bates' class, students used graham crackers and whipped cream to help demonstrate the different plate tectonics processes they were learning about in class.

    "We're learning about divergent, convergent and transform boundaries," said PMS student Hattan Cozart. "The Cool Whip was the magma, and the graham crackers were the tectonic plates. We were able to show how everything works."

  • Jordan Elementary kindergartners are celebrating a very important milestone.

    On Thursday, January 25, JES kindergartners dressed up for their 100th day of school. Throughout the day, they took part in various activities, including a hunt for 100 stickers hidden around their classrooms.

    "We are dressed up like we're turning 100 years old," said JES students Nora Fern and Riley Antoon. "We're really excited about doing fun things, and we're excited about finding the 100th sticker."